Keep Rugby Clean
Dolphin RFC  fully recognises the need and its responsibility to remain vigilant at all times to the threat of performance enhancing drugs in the sport and implements an anti-doping policy in line with the Irish Rugby Football Union, Irish Sports Council (ISC), World Rugby and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) regulations and guidelines.
In addition to the serious danger to your health, Doping is contrary to the spirit of Rugby and every member has a duty to ensure the sport is free of doping


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Keep Rugby Clean:  Dolphin RFC supports the IRFU  anti-doping policies and advise all players to participate in the World Rugby KEEP RUGBY CLEAN e-learning programme:                      also on this website is the World Rugby Anti Doping Handbook 2016 which includes the prohibited substances for 2016.
Irish Sports Council: The ISC provide an excellent education platform online:
IRFU Anti-Doping Officer
If you have any queries in relation to anti-doping, please contact Gordon Black (IRFU Anti-Doping Officer)
WADA Rules