1. All visitors, coaches, volunteers and others, including event organizers, event staff and event participants, must assess themselves daily for COVID-19 symptoms prior to engaging in in- person DOLPHIN RFC activities on DOLPHIN RFC Premises

2. Anyone who is ill or believes they have COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to SARS-CoV-2 must NOT Attend.
3. Anyone with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis can only attend an event, or resume in-person DOLPHIN RFC activities on DOLPHIN RFC Premises, after 14 days have passed since the start of symptoms and the fever is gone.
4.Anyone who has travelled internationally or had contact with a COVID-19 infected person may only return to DOLPHIN RFC Premises after 14 days and 10 days respectively and may only resume in- person activities at DOLPHIN RFC Premises if the fever is gone and you are feeling better.
5. Everyone is advised to maintain physical distance from others as much as possible unless other safety measures are in place.
6. Everyone must follow relevant signage and floor markings when moving around DOLPHIN RFC Premises.