Club Lotto Draw    Sunday 27th March 2022

              €6,000   Jackpot


The Club Lotto is a very important source of funds for the club, particularly during the quieter summer months.

€6,000 is a great sum to win, just think of your holiday plans, you could get return flights to Sydney and still have €4,700 spending money or take a 18 day trip to New Zealand to follow the Irish Rugby Team, hotel and match tickets included.

You could put a decent deposit on a new Nissan from Keary’s.

To play, go to the Club Website,   (click on  link on top right of  Website opening page – black coloured area)

  • 52 draws €90
  • 26 draws €46
  • 10 draws €20
  • 5 draws €10
  • 3 lines in a draw for a fiver.