Dolphin Rugby Football Club  are delighted to launch  Online Lotto 

Funds generated will be used for the continued upkeep and development of our Club.  We have historically depended on fund raising activities such as Golf Classics and  Table Quiz’s to supplement our subscriptions and other income. Such fund-raising  activities have been very helpful to the club but do have a relatively short life  expectancy before they become financially ineffective and are also supported by a  confined group of people.

The lotto, which is priced at a modest €2 per line per draw, is within everyone’s reach  and achievable for a much wider audience.

It allows players to participate no matter where in the world they may now be. It also  allows our supporters to have full control from their own home or from their  smartphone. You can elect to play for 52 draws at a cost of 90 euro (includes 7  free draws), 26 draws for 46 euro (includes 3 free draws), 10 draws for 20  euro and 5 draws for 10 euro. You can select your favourite 4 numbers or  choose a Quick Pick Option. You can also add additional lines if you so wish. The  Jackpot on Sunday 7th March stands at €1,000.00, rising by €100 for every week it’s  not won. When won the Jackpot reverts to €1,000.00.

Access to this Lotto can be gained now through the Website Homepage. The first  time you enter will require you to register your details, including name, address and  payment details. Thereafter the process is very simple. You will be kept well informed  of winners and Jackpot size by email each week.

I urge you to play our Lotto through the totally secure and confidential payment  system now used by over 600 clubs nationwide.

Please forward this message and link to anyone you think, who like yourself, may wish  to support Dolphin RFC.

Remember to play before Sunday 7th March @ 8pm to be in with a chance of winning  this weeks Jackpot of €1,000!! 

I would ask you to support our club and enter online today at the Dolphin RFC Lotto

Yours in Rugby

Donal Daly, President

Noel Hickey, Chairman

Turlough FitzPatrick, Secretary