While we gave an update on former Dolphin members in France, we turn our attention now to Major League Rugby in USA. Last season there were three former Dolphin players in the pack for Rugby United New York. It is now down to two with John Quill returning home to Youghal.

There are at least 25 Irish players with the 12 sides in the MLR, with an Irish Coach and owner it’s not surprising that there is a significant number of Irish (10) in the squad.

James Rochford was not available for the opening games but made a significant impression in game 3 of the championship and was included in the MLR Team of the week.




Starting immediately on his return, Rochford made his presence known to Atlanta by establishing a strong scrum and then taking his talents to the open field with six hard carries for 22 meters.  On the defense he hit hard with 14 tackles. In the break down he went to work with 23 attacking arrivals and five defensive arrivals.

Paddy Ryan is playing alongside Rocky at tight head, he featured on the scoresheet in last weekends fixture with Rugby United New York in 2nd in their conference winning 3/4 of their games todate.

Full details of the team of the week, a certain Frenchman playing in his new position of No8 is also included.


Peter Borlase (Dolphin Player No 237) is Head Coach of Colorado Raptors.