The Energia All Ireland League Fixtures have been released, the only confirmed fixture (as of yet) in advance of this is the Cork Charity Cup semi final away to Cork Constitution on 27th  August at 7.30pm.

Date Home   Away Venu
Sat 5th Oct 19 Dolphin v Cashel Musgrave Park
Sat 12th Oct 19 Old Crescent v Dolphin Rosbrien
Sat 19th Oct 19 Dolphin v Queens University Musgrave Park
Sat 2nd Nov 19 Rainey O B v Dolphin Hatrick Park
Sat 9th Nov 19 Dolphin v Ballymena Musgrave Park
Sat 16th Nov 19 Nenagh Ormond v Dolphin New Ormond Park
Sat 30th Nov 19 Dolphin v Buccaneers Musgrave Park
Sat 7th Dec 19 U.L. Bohemian’s v Dolphin 4G Pitch, UL
Sat 14th Dec 19 Dolphin v M U Barnhall Musgrave Park
Sat 11th Jan 20 M U Barnhall v Dolphin Parsonstown
Sat 25th Jan 20 Dolphin v U.L. Bohemian’s Musgrave Park
Sat 15th Feb 20 Buccaneers v Dolphin Dubarry Park
Sat 22rd Feb 20 Dolphin v Nenagh Ormond Musgrave Park
Sat 29th Feb 20 Ballymena v Dolphin Eaton Park
Fri 8th Mar 19 Dolphin v Highfield Musgrave Park
Sat 14th Mar 20 Dolphin v Rainey OB Musgrave Park
Sat 21st Mar 20 Queens University v Dolphin Dub Lane
Sat 28th Mar 20 Dolphin v Old Crescent Musgrave Park
Sat 18th Apl 20 Cashel v Dolphin Spafield