The IRFU has confirmed that the the AIL will resume this season in the same manner as previously, commencing on 2nd October.

There are certain Covid conditions.

If any game is effected by Covid 19, then promotion/relegation will revert to 1 up and 1 down format. In this instance, 9th & 10th will play home & away, the team with the lowest points will be replaced by the winner of a four way play off in the division below, 1st v 4th, 2nd v 3rd, the winner of the play off final going up.

Any games effected by Covid restrictions will result in 0-0 result with both teams getting 2 points, the games not being refixed.

Any club which is deemed to deliberately misleading or giving false information will be severely dealt with and have sanctions applied.

Finally, should 15% of regular games be effected by Covid, the IRFU reserves the right to review and amend the season in the best interests of the competition.

The season dates are as follows

2021-22 Season plan – final 21.06.21