All our recent stories have been about the club’s senior team so maybe it’s time we looked at our underage sides. We are starting with the oldies, a selection from the 1970’s and 1980’s, over the next few weeks we will concentrate on the period 2014-2020.

I am sure some of our younger members will be looking for their dads and grand dads. Looking at the haircuts, it looks like there was no getting to a barber back then either.

We start with an U12 side, playing in the Wallpaper Distributers Shield at Musgrave Park, with Eamonn McCarthy, Ray Dwyer and Tom O’Leary.

In 1979 we brought the U16 & U 18 sides on tour to South Gower in Wales, pictured above is the U 18 side and coach Des Smyth.

The following year the U18 & U16 sides went and completed the South Munster U18 & U16 double for the first and only time. The U18’s are pictured with the cup, the U16’s are in the next photo not that day but a later one.

Finally, the U16’s pictured in 1973 with Phil O’Callaghan, Dick Coleman and Burr Murphy.