In supporting our club Lotto you are helping raise much needed finds for the club — your generosity in this respect is, as always, most welcome and greatly appreciated.

 So, please continue to play the lotto and encourage other community members to play also. Its never been easier to play and you can now opt for auto-renewal and never have to worry about missing a draw again!

The lotto, which is priced at a modest €2 per line per draw, is within everyone’s reach  and achievable for a much wider audience.

It allows players to participate no matter where in the world they may now be. It also  allows our supporters to have full control from their own home or from their  smartphone. You can elect to play for 52 draws at a cost of 90 euro (includes 7  free draws), 26 draws for 46 euro (includes 3 free draws), 10 draws for 20  euro and 5 draws for 10 euro. You can select your favourite 4 numbers or  choose a Quick Pick Option.

Draw                   Results               Jackpot               €25  Lucky Dip Winners

04.04.21            04,06,08,24            €1,400                   John Waterman, Thomas O’Baoighill

28.03.21            03,05,14,25              €1,300                  Mick Knowles, Gillian O’Connor

21.03.21             01,03,13,19              €1,200                   Aine Burns, Adam McAuliffe

14.03.21             16,22,28,29              €1,100                   Katherine O’ Flynn,  Tim O’Connell

07.03.21             07,10,21,28              €1,000                 Colin Healy, Tom Hickey