2nds League   Dolphin 10  Sundays Well  10

Conditions were poor for this local derby, very strong winds and wet conditions so it was never going to be a classic, as a result it was very stop start with penalties and handling errors. Sunday’s Well had the benefit of the strong wind in the first half, however apart from penalties neither side used the wind to its full advantage.

Sundays Well incurred the rath of the referee and at one stage were down to 13, a yellow and  a red, however Dolphin struggled to get out of their own half with the wind. A Sundays Well penalty was the only score in the opening half.

The conditions improved for the 2nd half, and there was an improvement in the Dolphin performance. They equalised through a David Aherne penalty and later took the lead through an Akim Farag try, converted by Aherne.

Dolphin had opportunities to put the game beyond doubt, however did not spot the overlap on a number of occasions and paid the price in the final play as Sundays’Well scored a try and converted to level the game.