Yesterday we learned that Nick Williams after a very successful 16 year professional career had decided to retire. We looked back at the 2 seasons he was based in Cork.

We asked what Nick Williams had in common with Steve Jackson, Barry Sheehan, Lenny Twomey, Tomás O’Leary, Eric Moloney, Barry O’Mahony & Killian Ansboro.

We have had a number of suggestions, one of the better ones was that the Doc caught them for a pint of Beamish. Me lovely kid.

Time for a hint, from Steve Jackson in an interview with the Irish Daily Mail last year.

Born Vaeluagaomatagi Steve Jackson in the west Auckland suburb of Henderson, he was known to his new teammates as ‘Jacko’, a teak-tough No8 who proved an instant hit – scoring the winning try on debut in a 25-24 victory over a star-studded Garryowen side, featuring the likes of David Wallace, Dominic Crotty and Jeremy Staunton.

‘I remember getting carried off and they were all cheering. ‘There was a little old guy, he used to have glasses. He fell asleep in church the following day and he woke up and stood up at the top of his voice and said “come on you beautiful Dolphin!” and he just didn’t realise he’s been in church, he’d been on the chop all night, brilliant!